Welcome to ESSCAB

Life’s Good in ESSCABs!

The home for Emergency Small and Safe Cabins, or Safe and Small Cabins, or maybe something including Sauna functionality*

*) Multi-purpose functionality is a key aspect of our philosophy.

  • Winter storms – extreme cold, integrated heating
  • Summer heat waves – air conditioning included
  • Tornadoes
  • Hurricanes, Flooding
  • Sauna
  • Guest house, quarters – Perfect for those visitors from far away.
  • Spare house – You move into it, rent out the big house, during huge event like F1, football games, and such when the town is crazy busy. Some extra income never hurts.
  • Shed – No, This Ain’t a Shed!

  • Stationary, on a scale from Shed – Cabin – Cottage – House – Mansion – Castle
  • Mobile, on land
  • On water
  • DIY – Do It Yourself

Travel trailers, RV Recreational Vehicle

Life’s Good in ESSCABs!