United States (US)

Page intended for the United States market. Yeah, we know, it’s more like some 50+ markets… with regulations on states- and other more-or-less included parts (territories like Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and more).

And regulations and requirements on a “few” levels:

  1. Federal, and otherwise national regulations et c
  2. States – 50 states plus a federal district (DC), five major self-governing territories, … (en.wikipedia)
  3. Counties – more than 3000, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_States_counties_and_county_equivalents
  4. Cities – City Ordinances, municipal codes

Some examples, with Texas-focus as examples for lower administrative levels:

1. Federaldhs.gov – Department of Homeland Security
energy.gov – Department of Energy
fcc.gov – Federal Communications Commission
fema.gov – Federal Emergency Management Agency
nist.gov – National Institute of Standards & Technology
osha.gov – Occupational Safety and Health Administration
weather.gov – National Weather Service
– …….
2. Statetexas.gov
3. Countiesdallascounty.org (Dallas, …)
traviscountytx.gov (Austin, …)
bexar.org (San Antonio, …)
4. Citiesdallascityhall.com – Dallas
austintexas.gov – Austin
sanantonio.gov – San Antonio

Tornado Safe Room, Shelter

Underground Shelter, Bunker

  • Not uncommon solution for tornado protections in the US mid-west (e.g. Oklahoma, Kansas, et c – a.k.a. Tornado Alley [wikipedia], NOAA on Tornado Alley, google tornado alley map)
  • Not recommended anywhere around the coasts, lowland areas.
  • Likely will require permitting, and independently DO survey for existing gas, electrical, water, sewer,… utilities lines!


WHY ARE TINY HOUSES ILLEGAL IN SOME STATES? allabouttinyhouses.com/1086/why-are-tiny-houses-illegal-in-some-states/