Gas – Natural, Propane

First, if got natural gas to you home, carefully think about impact of changing any stove from gas to electric. Even if those modern shiny induction stovetop are really nice, they are dead in the water when the electricity is gone!


  • For cooking in general
  • For boiling water when boiling notice is announced due to water treatment plans fails due to energy problems (like for instance in Texas in February 2021)
  • For heating, fireplace if nothing else (don’t have generator et c – more in Recommendations below)



Some recommendations, things to consider:

AreaGood Idea, Recommendation
Furnace, heatingGas (Nat.), where allowed…UK2025), but – also make sure to know on what circuitry fans are connect, for electricity from generator and transfer switch.
Stove, stovetopGas (Nat.), and make sure to have gas lighter / matches around, as electric ignition won’t work w/o electricity.
FireplaceGas (Nat.), solely or as complement to firewood
Propane indoorsNO. As a general rule, never use anything propane-based indoors if not part of a permanent installation that DO CONSIDER proper ventilation and safety measures like carbon monoxide (CO) alarm and fire fire extinguisher.