Gasoline & Diesel

  • Make sure to fill up vehicles with fuel ahead of any expected severe weather
    • As general backup for cars and thus transportations (medical, food, water, and other necessities, …)
    • As indirectly source for recharging phones/tables
  • Also consider filling up extra tanks (lawn movers, for any generator, et c), but:
    • Careful with storage and safety ordinances (by city, other), as poses an additional risk for fire if breaks during heavy storm
    • And if have any of those pesky two-stroke engines around, Why?! Sorry, got carried away – just make sure to continue to keep gas tanks for two-strokes and four-strokes clearly separated.

Energy (e.g.1)10.7 kWh/l
138,000 Btu/U.S. gal
9.5 kWh/l
122,000 Btu/U.S. gal
Storage6-12 months3-6 monthsDiesel has longer shelf life.
FlammableLessMoreDiesel is safer in storage and general handling
… costHigherLowerDiesels are more expensive to buy
… maintenanceLessMoreDiesels has simpler but sturdier design.
Example, generatorGenerac XD 5500W Diesel Portable GeneratorBriggs&Stratton 5000W GasMore in our Generators section
cost to buyUS$ 3800US$ 700Yep, quite a difference (in this case)
tank size12 gallons7.5 gallons
runtime @ 50%32.4 hours12 hours50% load is 2500 W for both generators
= gal/hr0.37 gal/hr0.625 gal/hr
gas for 24hrs8.9 gal, 0.74 tank15 gal, 2 tanks
gas for 1wk62.2 gal, 5.2 tanks105 gal, 14 tanks

1)) As examples, as there are so many variants of mixtures, within countries (grades), over time (summer- vs – winter mix, U.S.), …